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Audio-Dateien in Text umwandeln

Transcribe your audio files and translate them into English. Whether song lyrics, memos, dictations - the possible applications are diverse.

Creating transcripts normally requires around four to six times the length of the recording, i.e. H. Transcribing a 30-minute interview takes two to three hours. Inexperienced people sometimes need significantly longer. Different with artificial intelligence at AI Fellows. Your text is created in just a few seconds.

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Voice Cloning
Your own AI voice

Would you like to have Text-To-Speech generate audio files with your own voice? No problem! All you need is a 1-2 minute long audio file with your voice. The AI creates your individual AI voice from the training file.

  • Einfach zu erstellen
  • 1-2 Minuten Trainingsaudio
  • Re-Training
  • 100+ Sprachen
  • Nutzbar für Text-To-Speech
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AI Voice Cloning
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