Climate & environmental protection at AI Fellows

Sustainability and climate protection is an ongoing process for us

Climate and environmental protection concerns us all!

Our sustainability agenda

At AI Fellows, we do not take climate and environmental protection lightly. For us, the sustainable use of our resources is not just empty words, but a central issue that we take seriously and consistently implement in our business practices and with our employees. The extent of plastic pollution in our oceans, the harmful consequences of CO2 emissions on our planet and the serious extent of climate change are information that we receive almost daily and take note of with great concern. After intensive internal dialogue and creative brainstorming, we have drawn up an agenda that includes guidelines and measures to improve environmental protection.

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Our measures for greater sustainability

Use of 100% green electricity

We only use green electricity for both our offices and our web servers


Energy-efficient LED lighting

LEDs have lower consumption and a longer service life than regular light sources.


Use of digital heating thermostats

We have reduced energy consumption by using digital heating thermostats.


Switch to energy-saving electrical appliances

Energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. were purchased.


Promotion of public transport use by employees

Car-free travel to work by public transport.


Purchase of Fairtrade products, e.g. coffee

This point has also been implemented by us for a long time for coffee, tea and much more.

Fair Trade

Purchase recyclable products

Paper, printer cartridges and many other products are designed to be recyclable.


Together for the climate and environment

Designing a sustainable workplace - but how? At AI Fellows, this question has shaped our thinking and strategic planning. Our focus is on creating more sustainable working environments - and we are doing this step by step. Under the motto „Magenta & Green“, we have launched an internal initiative that we are continuously pursuing and developing. This consists of a list of specific measures that have already been implemented over the course of the year and which we are continuing to address proactively. At AI Fellows, we recognise the importance of encouraging initiative and creativity. We therefore organise a meeting twice a year where every employee is invited to submit fresh and innovative ideas relating to climate and environmental protection. From this collection of suggestions, we generate new measures that will be realised in the future.

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