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Invest in the growth market of artificial intelligence

Investments in the growth market of artificial intelligence (AI) offer a significant return on investment (ROI), as it is a technology that experts say will be used more extensively in the coming years. Many industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, are already using AI technologies to increase productivity and efficiency and develop advanced solutions to a variety of problems.

AI Fellows is a webfellows brand UG from Würzburg. With your commitment, you are investing in an innovative AI solution that is entering an enormous growth market due to its cost efficiency and ease of use.

We are innovative and growth-oriented

Our young team is particularly characterized by its high level of commitment, flat hierarchies and family cohesion. Although our company is characterized by a high degree of innovation and visionary skills, we are not new to the business. We already have many years of experience in the digital sector and in e-commerce and therefore know the concerns and wishes of our customers very well.

In our vision, a cost-effective and simple AI solution for companies and private individuals, it also shows our desire to continue to grow with AI Fellows in the future and to open up new markets.

Where does AI Fellows currently stand?

Thanks to the great commitment of all employees at webfellows UG, we were able to develop a first version of AI Fellows and present it at the end of March 2023. Since going live in April, the number of active customer accounts has continuously increased. The monthly growth is between 10% and 20% compared to the previous month. In September we managed to double the number of accounts compared to August. The first sales were generated with AI Fellows in May 2023. The aim is to develop further functionalities and integrations over time and to further internationalize AI Fellows in order to open up new markets. We offer you as an investor a low-risk investment opportunity in an already proven and established product.

Business Angels and Investors welcome

Advantages of investing with AI Fellows

1. Growth Potential:
The AI market is constantly growing as companies recognize more and more opportunities to use AI. This promises high returns for investors.

2. Cross-industry applications:
Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of industries, resulting in a broader diversification of investments.

3. Proof Of Concept:
Ai Fellows is already online with a first version and has generated four-digit customers and initial sales.

4. Cap table from Ai Fellows/webfellows:
webfellows UG is equity financed and 100% owned by Janic Alex Schönberg. A spin-off of Ai Fellows is of course possible.


Let us talk about that!

We would be happy to present our ideas and concepts to you in detail.

Your contact person:
Alex Janic Schönberg
Tel: +49 931 301 97 79-0

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