Vision, Mission & Statement

The mission and vision of the AI Fellows team

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From an idea to a SaaS solution

Our history

As founders of the Shopware agency webfellows, Alex and Janic Schönberg recognized that artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly a key technology of the 21st century and will, by and large, revolutionize almost every aspect of our lives and work.

From this observation, the idea arose at the beginning of 2023 to develop a cost-effective tool that would significantly simplify the use of artificial intelligence and also offer a high standard of data security. This was the birth of the SaaS solution AI Fellows, which was subsequently developed in collaboration with international partners.

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Promoting content authenticity

Content Authenticity Initiative

We are a member of the Content Authenticity Initiative and stand for transparency and the secure handling of data, artificial intelligence and secured and verified information sources for their authenticity.

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Content Authenticity Initiative

Our mission statement

Helmut Schmidt once said: “If you have visions, you should go to the doctor.” We are of the opinion that without visions and a clear mission, a company will not be successful. We have therefore given ourselves a mission statement in which humanity, openness, integrity, authenticity and innovation are firmly anchored.

AI Fellows Mission


AI Fellows is on a mission to drive progress and the development of creative potential through generative artificial intelligence (AI). Our SaaS platform provides a secure, intuitive space for creating text, images and audio. We strive to drive innovation while respecting human values in every step of our actions.

AI Fellows Statement


Our vision is to become a leading generative AI services company based on innovation, integrity and open communication while maintaining authenticity and ensuring security. We want to create a more human and accessible future of AI by evolving our platform and adapting it to the changing needs of our customers.


Our partners