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Zapier as an API interface

Connect AI Fellows to your applications (comimg soon)

In the world of automation technology, Zapier is a renowned provider. But what exactly is Zapier? What functions does it offer and how does it work? Zapier is an innovative online tool that allows you to connect various web applications without programming to facilitate data exchange and enable process automation.

The special feature of Zapier lies in its ability to provide frequently used apps and software for you automate, synchronize and thus optimize routine processes. This is made possible by so-called “Zaps”, automated workflows that connect and harmonize two or more apps. A Zap consists of a trigger, e.g. a newly generated text at AI Fellows, and the subsequent automated actions. The trigger is the first event that activates the Zap and triggers the predefined actions.

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Create a free Zapier account

Register free on and create automated data connections and workflows (Zaps) . From Amazon to Zoom – Zapier supports more than 5,000 apps and applications from all areas.

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Create Zap and connect apps

Create powerful Zaps with if/then logic, filter them to run under specific conditions, convert your data into the right format for your applications, and more.

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Exchange data automatically

That’s it! From now on, your Zaps run automated workflows – consisting of a trigger and one or more actions. Your data will be synchronized between AI Fellows and other applications.


Why Zapier integrations?

AI Fellows Zapier

Time saving

The AI Fellows Zapier integration is designed to save you time and effort. By automating recurring tasks, you can focus on more important aspects of your work.

AI Fellows Zapier

Seamless integration

With the AI Fellows Zapier integration, you can easily connect AI Fellows with over 5,000 other apps on Zapier, creating a seamless workflow across your entire digital ecosystem.

AI Fellows Zapier

Full functionality

With the AI Fellows Zapier integration, you can use text, images and audio generated with AI Fellows anywhere with just a few clicks. Optimize your creative processes without having to code.


Some of the Zaps for AI Fellows

Save texts and chats as Google Docs

We only use green electricity for both our offices and our web servers

Save text, images, audio and code to OneDrive

LEDs have lower consumption and a longer service life than regular light sources.

Save text, images, audio and code to Dropbox

We have reduced energy consumption by using digital heating thermostats.

Save text, images, audio and code to Google Drive

Energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. were purchased.

Store text, images, audio and code on AWS

Car-free travel to work by public transport.

Save newly generated images in the Shopware Media Manager

This point has also been implemented by us for a long time for coffee, tea and much more.

Save newly generated images to HubSpot

Paper, printer cartridges and many other products are designed to be recyclable.